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Community Impact

We're Invested in Your Community

Sonoco Recycling is committed to improving and enriching the quality of life in every community in which we operate.

From partnering with local elementary schools to volunteering our time, talents and resources, we strive to be good neighbors wherever we are in the world.

Corporate Responsibility

Sonoco's sustainability goals are being realized by focusing on continuous improvement in operating performance, maintaining an ongoing commitment to social responsibility and shrinking the environmental footprint of the Company.

Every day, we commit ourselves to the singular notion that smart packaging is more than plastics, cardboard and paper– it’s a  promise to people, products and our planet. And we believe it’s one well worth keeping.

Each year, Sonoco Recycling contributes to shrinking Sonoco’s overall environmental footprint by managing the equivalent, by weight, of 60% of Sonoco’s outputs.

If you have questions about your local recycling services, please contact your local municipality.