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Recycling Reawakens Curiosity

When you learn about recycling, you’re learning how to make the world better now – and forever.

As part of our mission to change the way people, companies and communities think about recycling, we actively share our ever-expanding knowledge and resources with teachers, students, homeowners, businesses and municipalities. This ongoing dialogue is vital to the work we do and inspires us to continually craft recycling solutions that meet our planet’s changing needs. Let’s work together for a better world!

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Sonoco Recycling’s School Programs

Sonoco supports school and community recycling programs in Columbia-area schools by offering free field studies, school presentations and teacher workshops.

Schools statewide can apply for mentors, resources and sustainability awards at www.greenstepschools.com.

View the 2021 virtual Train & Update Session for Green Steps here.

Each year, SC Green Step School Awards are given for well-established, model-quality projects that help Conserve, Protect or Restore the school’s environment. Read about the schools honored in 2020.

Resources for Teachers

Sonoco Recycling helps connect students of all ages to the power of recycling. We’re proud to sponsor the S.C. Green Step School Initiative, a program that mentors and awards South Carolina K-12 schools who want to start and sustain model quality eco-projects where students learn, do and teach others. We also host elementary, middle and high school students at Education Centers located at our MRFs in:

  • Columbia, SC
  • Jacksonville, NC
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Wilmington, NC
Classroom Activities

Get your students excited about recycling!  Download our Remarkable Recyclables coloring sheet.

Teach your students the importance of recycling! Download our activity sheet.

Show your students how to recycle in the classroom! Watch SC DHEC's Action in the Classroom videos.

Watch Forest Friends Sonoco Recycling’s interactive story for preschool children about the importance of trees.

Watch Life in A Fish Bowl Sonoco Recycling’s interactive story for primary age students about the importance of a clean habitat.

Watch Dumpy in Dumpville Sonoco Recycling's interactive puppet show for primary age students  about the  importance of reducing. reusing and recycling.

Read “Learn about Litter with Louis the Lion,”Sonoco Recycling’s read-aloud story about litter prevention.

The Remarkable Recyclables

Did you know there are superheroes in your midst? Meet the Remarkable Recyclables! Heroes capable of transforming themselves into new products for a better tomorrow. Watch the video and show your students the importance of recycling!

Your bottle means jobs: SC Department of Commerce
Tour the SOnoco Recycling MRF in Raleigh, NC (for children)

Education Centers

Our Education Centers are a fun, engaging and hands-on way to connect students of all ages to the power and wonder of recycling. Via closed-circuit TV, students get a behind-the-scenes look at our recycling plant to see how thousands of pounds of paper, metal and plastic are separated, processed and prepared for market. And, they’ll learn how some recycled materials find a new “life” as products for our parent company, Sonoco. By the end of their experience at the Education Center, students are engaged, inspired and eager to share everything they learned about recycling with parents, friends and family.

Hours of Operation

Our Education Centers are open Monday through Friday for scheduled tours, classes, workshops and meetings.  To schedule a tour, class, meeting, or workshop at a MRF near you, please contact us.

Resources for Residents

South Carolina Customers

Visit Recycle More SC's interactive map of SC counties to see what you can recycle, and where.

Have you ever placed items in the recycling bin without being certain that they can be recycled? Don't do it - wishful thinking can damage your recycling program! 

Learn more about how to Recycle Right from SC DHEC

Raleigh, NC Customers

Download the list of acceptable curbside and drop-off recycling materials.

Onslow County and New Hanover County, NC Customers

Download the list of acceptable curbside and drop-off recycling materials.

Columbia, SC Customers

Download the list of acceptable curbside and drop-off recycling materials.

Meet the Paper Makers

The new film "Paper Makers" tells the story of the modern day paper industry through the eyes of the employees who cultivate sustainable forests, apply technologies that nurture and protect them for years to come, and help create nature-based sustainable products — all in one of America’s oldest natural industries.